When consumer credit revives dynamism

According to several barometers, the consumer credit market is recovering in France, but also in Europe. The sector is now returning to dynamism. In France, consumer loans continue to grow. According to data from the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF), consumer loans increased in France by almost 7% in ( more… )

Loans and credits: Differences

Although it sounds very similar, loans and credits are two totally different things that have nothing to do with each other. To give us an idea, both loans and credits are an obligation to return money along with their commissions and interests to the financial entity that has lent it ( more… )

Apply for a Car loan: Here’s how!

It is best for consumers to apply for a car loan at a bank, not through the car dealer or the manufacturer. This way, new and existing customers retain the opportunity to save a lot of money on car financing. Who actually writes and advises here? About us Apply for ( more… )

Credit account, advantages for companies

Today there is still confusion between the exact meaning of a credit account with respect to other financing alternatives. We can say that a credit account is one of the most optimal ways within the credit policies that companies and freelancers have to solve their most immediate liquidity problems, especially ( more… )

How to get a Fast loans?

Fast loans are a type of financing for both companies and individuals that have reached their peak in recent years coinciding with the economic crisis.  This is mainly due to two reasons: on the one hand, there is the refusal to grant credit that most of the classic financial institutions ( more… )

Credit transfer with or without recourse?

  The transfer of credit is an operation through which a company in order to obtain sufficient liquidity to allow the proper functioning of its activity, decides to assign the rights of collection of the debts of which it is a creditor, to a third party (who usually a financial ( more… )

Bank loans: what you should know

A bank loan is that financial operation in which two protagonists participate, a lender (an entity that lends the money) and a borrower (individual or legal entity that receives it). The amount of money to be lent and the interest rate applied will be fixed from the outset with a ( more… )

Credit Assignment Agreement: we explain everything to you

The loan assignment contract is the document through which the loan assignment operation is carried out. Within the contract three participants are distinguished: The Assignor: It would be the company that transfers its collection rights in order to obtain immediate liquidity. The Debtor: This would be the natural or legal ( more… )